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The largest lesbian group event ever. Dozens of strikingly beautiful Czech girls and women in the wildest action imaginable. Authentic amateurs - no fakes, no script!

Nowhere else will you see such a concentration of gorgeous lesbians. We invite fresh, never before seen girls to every event and provide huge amounts of free booze. The results are amazing. Unbelievable orgies that go on for hours! These girls sure know how to have fun...

Although men are not allowed, you can at least watch the amazing videos. Enjoy!


18min 06sec

Unbelievable! This is pure lesbian party of the highest quality! There’s no other place in the world where you could find so many hot girls with lesbian orientation. There’s no other place like this party! All the chicks who came to this party to get a good lick were sent to one room. Not even a single pussy hair would fit in there, that’s how crowded it was. The busty host threw some dildos into the crowd and kept one in her hand – huge and massive log – the purple Pussy Destroyer! Any volunteer? There’s one brave girl, beautiful brunette. Her friend prepared her for the king of dildos with her fist! Yes, the whole fist!!! Unbelievable!! Will they accomplish the mission with the purple giant?
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13min 52sec

Is that even possible? If you think there’s no way the biggest lesbian group orgy could get even better after the last massacre with the cameraman, you are completely mistaken! This mega party for girls only involves a group of unbelievably perverted and horny chicks. Dozens of Czech girls who require licking squeezed into the living room of our villa to demonstrate for the free pussy-licking. There was literally a pussy next to a pussy! It was difficult for our cameramen to even move in between them. But thanks to their effort you can see the unbelievable auto fisting! One of the horny girls shoves the whole hand up to her pussy!!! You won’t believe your eyes. Even a group of late coming lesbians was shocked to see what kind of orgy they came to. You have to see that. Right now!!!!
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20min 07sec

Unbelievably shocking! Another part of the biggest lesbian orgy in the world will turn into something completely unexpected! You just have to see this. 10 girls started in bed a grand prix in licking of horny pussy. One of them was squirting like crazy. The other one found a strap-on and fucked her friend’s ass hard. Wow, that’s hardcore. They all were so horny they just couldn’t resist and hungrily jumped our cameraman!!! Can you believe that? A total carnage! They pulled him in between and they all fucked him, one after another. That lucky guy didn’t even know who he was fucking. Girls were actually fighting over his cock. What a ride! You won’t believe your eyes. Enjoy this one!!!
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17min 52sec

Welcome to the first underwater lesbinarium in the world! In the next part of the biggest lesbian orgy under the sun you can expect unbelievable things. We showed girls to the room with pool and set a surprise for them they had no idea about. Secret underwater cameras. Beauties, expecting nothing, jumped into the water to cool down their hot bodies and we filmed them under water in details. You will see unique and detailed shots of hot pussy, we will take you right into the action. There’s nobody else who could offer you anything like this. Dive with us and observe horny lesbians licking each other. Amazing spectacle!!!!
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14min 21sec

Come with us and enjoy a huge portion of hot lesbian action! We’ve got twenty horny lesbians craving for pussy in one bad. Under the supervision of busty commander in suspender belt the tipsy ladies engaged themselves in licking and the orgasmic screams were heard all over the house. We were close to having police arrive because of the night time disturbance!!! The Miss Commander kept an eye on all action, no pussy stayed dry. You will see a beauty with unbelievable lips and her girlfriend constantly glued to them. You have never seen anything like that. Definitely!!! And there’s something getting ready at the pool, something huge!!!! Wait for nothing and check it out with us.
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31min 59sec

You already know these girls. You know their names; you have seen some parts of them. But now you will get what you have been waiting for. None of them is naked, none of them is sober, all of them are horny. It’s difficult to tell who’s pleasuring who, because the main room turned into a huge pile of limbs. Every girl licks some other and is being licked at the same time. This is just insane. And if you watch closely, you will notice an acrobatic girl with her legs behind her head. Your wildest imagination will seem boring compared to this.
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36min 29sec

The second party of the biggest lesbian party is here. You will get to know all the ladies even more thoroughly, because our host and her huge tray of shots went around all the girls with a very simple question “A shot, tits or pussy?” Most girls chose tits, so you will learn how to recognize them according to the chest. Girls are slowly getting naked; some of them slightly tipsy and the air is filled with lust. After a while the question vanished and our host started giving tasks. What would you chose if you had to either drink a shot or lick a pussy? Yeah, most girls chose the same as you would. Enjoy, my friends!!!
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